Mather Golf Club

Welcome everyone!! Finally making some progress on this new web page from Member Planet!! I wish I can tell you we are all experts here, unfortunately we are not.!!  This is going to be a learning curb for all. 

As you know our club is transferring to a new web page called Member Planet through the NCGA, eventually the GHIN / eclubhouse will be history, but in the mean time, we, meaning the MGC Board, are doing our best to make this transition as easy as possible for you, the members. All we ask is to be patient and allow us to work on learning and understanding the new format so we can better serve the members of Mather Golf Club. 

The first goal is to get all members to "Create an Account" through Member Planet. We have been sending email blast to all members so we can move forward in this process.

That being said, the new web page is now, All members wanting to log in to our new web page, type in, By all means, if you have any questions at all, just get a hold of us and we will do our best to solve any issues that arise. All we ask is to give us a little time. 

Eventually, this will be a great format for everyone. Thanks for your time.!!

June 20, 2019

Mather Golf Club  2019 Tournament Schedules

MGC Weekend Tournament Schedule

July              6th       8am   Individual Stroke play and NCGA Net Am Qulifier

August         3rd      8am   Individual Stoke play event

September   7th and 8th    Club Championship

Saturday  8am Straight Start / Sunday  8am  Shotgun Start

October       12th   8am  Team event / Member / Guest

November    2nd   10am  Stableford - Member / Guest

December    7th    10am   Individual Stroke Play  Member / Guest

MGC  Mid-Week  Tournament Schedule

July              17th   8am     Individual Stroke Play - Shotgun Start

August          14th   8am    Individual Stoke Play

September    18th   8am    Modified Stableford

October         16th   10am   Individual Stroke Play

November     13th   10am   Individual Stroke Play

December     11th    10am   Individual Stroke Play

Any Questions contact: Rick Rojo / David Brink / Gary Evans

Tournament Chairs

May 4, 2019

To see complete results from our May Weekend event click the link below.